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More than an Advertisement?

Six months ago I posted that Magic on Xbox Live was a Trojan Horse of sorts: an online ad calling on lapsed players to come back to Jamaica. You know, all of you millions of players from the 90s or early 00’s that have given up the game: try it again! Fall in love with […]

Magic on the XBox

Since Duels of the Planeswalkers launched a week ago, I’ve donated a few bucks and more than a few hours to Wizards of the Coast and Microsoft. Good friends and I joined in to play this latest digital incarnation of Magic: the Gathering. It’s not often that I take the chance to play CCGs anymore, […]

Trial Balloon for Microsoft? Nope!

This has trial balloon written all over it. Advertisers and creative designers will soon have more artistic freedom to turn campaigns on Xbox Live into interactive and interconnected experiences reaching far beyond technology for television, Sean Alexander, director at Microsoft’s Advertising Business Group, said Monday. Personally, I don’t much care. Navigating the XBox Live experience […]

Natal is Real

I’ve seen people say that Natal is a hoax, that it doesn’t or can’t work. Sorry, it is for real. The demos at E3 were not smoke and mirrors. Many developers have seen and tested it, and the accuracy with which Natal tracks your movements is uncanny. I look forward us getting our devkit. But […]